Friday, July 17, 2009

Missing Media Thumbnails

Related a bit to the missing audio waveform bug is something I experienced today in FCP. I was on the phone talking to a client when right before my eyes an external FW hard drive decided to unmount itself.

Naturally FCP flipped out and claimed -rightfully so- that everything was unconnected media and colored everything red in the timeline. While I still don't really know what caused the hard drive to unmount itself while nothing was going on, it did remount itself an instant later.

FCP saw that everything was reconnected but for some reason the clips immediately displayed in the timeline still had red missing media thumbnails. Quitting and relaunching FCP and the project didn't help (I didn't try restarting the Mac) so I quit FCP and deleted the two thumbnail caches at ~/Documents/Final Cut Pro Documents/Thumbnail Cache Files/

To find out where yours are (if not default) looks at FCP's System Settings.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Audio Waveforms Not Displaying

There's a long standing bug in FCP where the audio waveforms don't show up in the timeline. There are many threads on this at Apple's discussion board like this one and this one.

I've experienced this bug in version 6.0.6 of FCP and previous ones on my current and earlier different hardware. The only thing that seems to help occasionally when I encounter this bug is to zoom in or out on the timeline and then scrub the timeline so the clips move out of view and then back in. But even this only works about 30% of the time.

I suspect the bug has to do with FCP having trouble with some specific types of audio formats or them being slightly off kHZ (which is another post, luckily QT 7.6.x seems to have addressed it). But one of my friends said it's a little endian problem. Who knows? It's an annoying bug nonetheless.