Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FCP 6.0.2 vs P2 Import

Some people are reporting the loss of the ability to import P2 Data using FCP 6.0.2 with Leopard (10.5 & 10.5.1) while others seem to be having no trouble. It may be a bug caused by specific software versions in conflict or specific hardware vs new software versions. The other day I was able to import P2 cards without a problem but I've gotten into the habit of importing them after copying them to a hard drive first.

Essentially, what I do is mount the P2 Cards via card slot or by mounting the camera and copying off the data directly to a hard drive then, later on, importing that into FCP. This seems to save a lot of time and hassles especially when this needs to be done on the fly depending on the conditions of the shoot.

Stomp, Another Video Converter

Stomp is a new entry into the video converter application space for Macintosh. It's similar to VisualHub, one of the standard video converters that many people use. But Stomp offers some interface and more importantly, some pre-set differences from VisualHub that may appeal to some users.

Stomp started its life as an idea to be the ultimate video recompressor, and ended up something so much more powerful than that. YouTube, Google Video, iMovie… The list goes on

It offers some basic image manipulation and some pre-sets not available in other converters and there is a video into to the application here.