Friday, May 28, 2010

Set Logging Bin Keyboard Command

A temp assistant pointed out something I did today that I didn't even realize I was doing because it's been a habit for so long.

I load in a great deal of footage with Command+Shift+8 (Log and Transfer) and when things are hectic and I need to keep this footage separate from that footage or whatever I just dump them into separate bins.

My temp assistant saw me madly hitting keys before loading in the footage and I had to think for a second of what I was doing.

0. Hit Option+J and set "Set Logging Bin" to be Command+Shift+B. Now make the Browser window active.
1. New Bin is Command+B.
2. After it's created type in a name for it.
3. Then hit Command+Shift+B (don't bother with Return) to set the name and Set Logging Bin.

It's quick and keeps things fresh and organized.