Thursday, May 7, 2009

Final Cut Pro and Freeverse's Color Picker

If you're seeing something like this:

5/7/09 10:34:53 AM Final Cut Pro[408] Warning Custom ColorPicker class with name .com.freeverselib could not be loaded.

In your Console logs it's because someone has likely installed Freeverse's Lineform application at some point on your Mac. Lineform is a simple drawing application but it's installer does (or did, not sure) some strange stuff. One thing is that it installs a 4 KB file called .com.freeverselib.06020 into ~/Library/ColorPickers (the tilde means it's the Library folder in your home folder).

The file it installs begins with a period so it's hidden. Why, I have no idea but I don't like it. I dislike hidden files entirely, but that's another rant. How do you get rid of it and the console error every time you use the color picker in Final Cut Pro?

01) Launch the Terminal.
02) Paste in "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 1" without the quotes. (this command toggles the visibility of hidden files in Leopard)
03) Hit return.
04) Hold down Command + Option and right-click on the Finder icon in the dock and select Relaunch.
05) Navigate to ~/Library/ColorPickers and trash the ridiculous .com.freeverselib.06020 file and empty the trash.
06) Paste "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 0" (that's a zero) without the quotes into the Terminal. [or just hit the Up Arrow and backspace and change the 1 into a zero.] Hit Return.
07) Command + Option right-click the Finder icon in the dock and hit Relaunch again.