Friday, January 9, 2009

Syncing Multipclips 1/100th of a Frame at a Time.

When you are positioning your playhead to the sync point of a clip (for example, for a multiclip sequence) that doesn't have synced timecode, or are just trying to get audio in sync or just need more precise control over where the playhead is in an audio clip in the Viewer, hold down Shift.

This will let you scrub and position the playhead in 1/100th of a frame increments. When you mark the In point you'll see FCP move things to the nearest frame to the point you positioned your playhead. It can help when you need precise sync and In point control. But this only works in Audio, not Video.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Multiclip Labels

Here's a quick handy tip.

I use labels extensively in FCP. Red generally meaning bad and green generally meaning good with other colors to indicate variances thereof. However, if you create a new multiclip and then highlight that multiclip in the Browser, then assign it a label, FCP will also likewise label the clips that comprise that multiclip and are also set as Video and Audio source in the viewer (even it they aren't loaded into the Viewer).

I'm not sure how handy this is, but since you can highlight a multiclip in the Browser, give it a label, and FCP will also label the clips choosen for Video and Audio so you can see which are being used -I guess- at a glance without having to open that multiclip and load it into the Viewer. Maybe not practically handy, but fun to know I suppose.

It seems a tad buggy at times, where you have to load the multiclip into the viewer to get some kind of labeling voodoo to reset if it only labels the multiclip itself but overall it works.