Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Metadata Hootenanny

Metadata Hootenanny.

What Does It Do? It allows you to edit and search the metadata that can be stored in QuickTime movies (mov files), including chapters. Quicktime files support a large number of metadata options, but the QuickTime Player doesn't provide an easy way of accessing them. Metadata Hootenanny does.

And it's FREE with a pretty cool icon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Apple's Rumored Magic TrackPad Thing

I suspect this will play a key role in a future version of Final Cut Studio.

Just a hunch.

Adobe Audition on Mac

Someone has posted a video on Youtube that's causing some debate. It looks like Adobe Audition running on a Mac, which if true, and it is eventually released, would be very interesting. I think a lot of users may abandon Pro-Tools if the price point is low enough.

Of course if it's not ever officially released and isn't VMWare or something, I suspect that we'll start seeing many beta versions of this running in studios like some other bits of software that were never officially released and are used professionally even though they're pretty buggy. You know who I'm talking about.