Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple's Help Library Search

I get random questions fairly often about some tricky or hard to find or downright hidden, annoying or absent stuff regarding Final Cut Studio.

Often times a simple Google or Bing search will find the answer as one of my adages is "If you have the problem, chances are someone else has and has solved it." I tend to used "licked" rather than solved in certain company however.

Another great resource other than this blog and further down the line big box search engines is Apple's very own humble Help Library Search which resides here.

This spiffy thing is that you can essentially search the manuals for all of Apple's stuff simultaneously, drill down to just a few app's manuals or get crazy and just search one.

The results are kinda-sorta real-time when you click the checkboxes even and how cool is that?

Bookmark it for later; you'll need it.

And you can finally find out what that Hue Direction Control really does.