Saturday, September 12, 2009

More FCP Timeline Graphical Glitches

FCP has a handful of graphical glitches like leftover playhead lines etc...but here's a fun one:

Apparently (the email was a little difficult to follow) it was caused by making a series of visual adjustments to the timeline like changing the height of the audio tracks via the Option key and then dragging down the split until the Video track section didn't have a scroll box...and then scrolling the video track section with the mouse's scroll wheel.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mighty Mouse Gunk and How To Clean It

I love my Apple Mighty Mouse. I've become so accustomed to it that editing without one makes a substantial difference now even though I'm a Key-Command fanatic. It has to do with the trackball on it and how it scrolls and controls all manners of things in Final Cut.

However, I've had to clean my Mighty Mouse maybe a dozen times since I bought it. Apple doesn't make it easy; in fact, the thing is glued together so if you really want to get in there to clean it you have to break it. That site recommends you re-glue the bottom ring back on, but for me, I just use some sticky tape since I know I'll have to take it apart again to clean it soon enough.

What gets so dirty in there that the trackball stops scrolling?

The gunk-encrusted roller there is usually the top one which senses when you want to scroll up. Mine gets pretty filthy regularly.

Power Dongles

I loathe power dongles. Remember when Steve Jobs showed off power-dongle-free Firewire drives at Macworld back in 1999? Well that never really happened.

Btw, he also told us there would be start-stop streaming video and the infamous dual-bus video feed (one camera to two Macs):

Anyways, I saw a simple solution to the typical power dongle vs power strip problem today and thought I'd pass the idea along: