Monday, July 28, 2008

FCP Troubleshooting Basics

Apple [quietly] updated their FCP Troubleshooting Basics Knowledge Base Article recently.

P2 Log Pro

P2 Log Pro is an app which:

can instantly view all formats of native P2 (MXF) video in any format or frame rate. Insert the P2 card into a PowerBook or read it from the camera or FireStore. P2 Log Pro views the card displaying thumbnails, metadata, and links to the video clips. Enter text, sort, re-name, or delete clips. Marks clips to output what you need to Final Cut Pro via XML. Exporting automatically converts MXF clips to HD QuickTime files, ready for editing. With P2 Log Pro, you can also save new P2 Volumes of select clips for direct importing into Avid and other P2 compatible NLEs.

Sounds neat. A bit redundant, but neat.


Voltaic is a $35 app that...

..."converts your AVCHD movie clips into a Mac-friendly format, ready for editing in iMovie (HD and 08)and Final Cut Express/Pro."

I haven't used it but a friend likes it.