Friday, October 23, 2009

Digital Cinema Desktop Preview tearing on Snow Leopard

Apple has released an update that addresses this.

"Fixes cases in which tearing can occur with Digital Cinema Desktop Preview on Snow Leopard."

You can get the update here or with Software Update.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ReelDirector for the iPhone 3GS from Nexvio

ReelDirector is a video editor made by Nexvio for the iPhone 3GS and it's pretty impressive. Hopefully, the next Final Cut will similarly have a more refined and approachable -yet not dumbed down- interface.

ReelDirector makes it simple for everyone to create movie right on iPhone 3GS. With a drag-and-drop timeline, multiple text watermark styles and 27 pro grade transitions, you'll turn your scattered video clips into polished movies in just minutes.

It's $7.99. Yes, 8 dollars.

Note to self: Get an iPhone...

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Final Cut Studio 3 Rumors

From Hardmac:

...the suite is being entirely re-written and its interface will be deeply modified. First, all applications forming the suite will not be indepedent as currently, be integrated inside a single super-application. The main interface will be using the concept of rooms...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Removing Hardcoded Subtitles

This is an interesting problem. Someone emailed me asking about recutting an OLD training tape (VHS, 1980's, pastels, big hair, fun) rather than just reshoot the thing to update it and looking around I found VirtualDub MSU Subtitle Remover because the tape they have has hardcoded subtitles.

It seems that it's algorithm essentially clone tools whats near the hardcoded subtitles and then tries to smooth it out a bit. They have example screenshots at their site.

I haven't tried it because I'm not taking the project but it's an interesting bit of software. I wonder if anyone has ever tried it on this.

Yes it's a crime that it's not available for Mac or even Linux.