Thursday, April 1, 2010

Error Code 0 (Zero)

I got a call from a friend in a panic who kept seeing this when he tried to copy footage from one drive to one a client handed him. The weird thing is other test files would copy but it seemed like only the files he wanted to copy produced this error. I thought that was strange that just the files he needed to copy wouldn't.

I told him to check permissions on the files and the two drives to make sure he had read/write perms on them and he did. Then it hit me...

If you see that when trying to copy a file to a hard drive, it's likely it's formatted as FAT32 and the file you're trying to copy is larger than 4GBs. All of his "test" files were small ones so didn't produce the error.

He fired up Disk Utility and formatted it (including the Options button in the partitions window to format it to GUID) to Mac OS Extended Journaled (he did journaled since it wasn't going to be used to edit from).