Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still-Freeze Duration Bug

On a machine I still have Final Cut 6.0.6 installed I keep running into a bug with Still-Freeze Durations.

The duration Final Cut assigns an imported still image is determined by the Editing tab of the User Preferences (Option + Q).

However, for me in Final Cut Pro (and if I'm recalling correctly, versions after 5.0) the Still portion of Still/Freeze Duration doesn't exactly work.

In my experience when you import a still image FCP will set it's duration to exactly one second less than what's set in the Editing prefs. The Freeze duration will be correct however, meaning that if you have a clip loaded into the Viewer and hit Shift + N to make a freeze frame it'll be whatever the Editing tab's Still/Freeze Duration is set to.

But, if you say, drag a photo into the bin it'll be one second shorter.

On the left is the bin, on the right is the preference. For me, it's consistent.


Manoli! said...

Hey, ever get an answer on this issue? I'm facing it now.

Walker Ferox said...

Sorry to report I haven't found a solution to it at all. I'm glad I'm not alone with it though.

I'll do another round of asking around and see what turns up.

Geoffrey Perrin. said...

This is driving me insane. Hadn't been an issue previously, but now duration wont stick. 7 sec becomes 6 , and 8 sec becomes 7.20 ! Cant get 7 sec realtime.
The reduced time duration does appear to be reflected in the timeline. Am working with hundreds of images to a commisioned score, nightmare