Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Final Cut Quicktime Export Include Bugs

Here is a fun bug which, according to the friend who emailed me the screenshots, seems completely random. When you export to Quicktime from Final Cut there are a few options. There's Include, which lets you decide to include audio, video or both and there is Markers which lets you choose what kind of markers to retain when you export.

The interesting thing is that the exports from corrupted menus like these seemed normal, he told me. I wonder what would have happened had he chosen some of the strange options and exported.

This is what the menu should look like:

But here are some bizarre options that show up when things get corrupted:

Above, the Markers option has Left Center and Right as if it's only audio.

My favorite, the Include menu is a list of fonts.

And this is the one my friend saw most often. The include menu doesn't list Audio, Video or Both, but just (seemingly) audio channel positions.

My only suggestion for him was to trash his prefs and see if the problem persisted. So far, he says it's back to normal.


Unknown said...

Don't forget about trashing your cache files first, before you go to your prefs.

Sometimes funky menus can be a result of corrupt cache files.

homefolder > library > cache > (close programs and trash the contents of this folder) (empty trash)

you would be amazed how much that can fix things and speed stuff up. Just don't trash them when programs are opened... that can cause funkiness sometimes

Walker Ferox said...

That's a really good tip. You're right, not only can it really help but a lot of people (me included) completely forget about them :)

Walker Ferox said...

Btw, Final Cut's prefs are located at