Thursday, September 27, 2007

Media Manager File Naming Issue

I'm not sure what's causing this issue I've seen on a few stations but when you highlight all the media in the Browser and then select Media Manager (I've set my key command for this to be Option + Command + M) and go through all of the steps (Copying media over, btw) sometimes I'll see an error message like this:

Media Manager File Copy Failed

The attempt to Copy "file" to "/Volumes/Name/Folder/Folder/Media/Folder" failed with an error code of 1"

Or it'll read something like it failed "due to lack of disk space."

What I've noticed is that the file is fine, and there's plenty of room to copy it over. But, for some reason either the Media Manager or, more likely, the Finder decided to rename the file.

Usually it occurs with .wav files. For example, if a file is named "soundfx.wav" when the Media Manager tries to copy it the file will appear as "" and Media Manager or the Finder gets all confused.

So far I don't have a solution to the problem and if you copy the file over and remove the ".mov" from it and reconnect it the project will be fine. I just need to track down where along the process the file's .mov extension appears.

Concerning file sizes and the inability of Media Manager to copy them and spitting out the lack of dick space error, I've noticed that it will copy a 1.55 Gig file but won't copy a 3.1 Gig file. So perhaps somewhere in between those two sizes is the maximum size of a file that it can copy over because of this bug. If it is a bug.

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