Monday, June 27, 2011

RoaringApps Final Cut Studio Compatibility Check with Lion

Wondering if Final Cut Sutio 2 or 3 works with the upcoming Lion OS?

RoaringApps tries to keep track of what works and what doesn't with Lion, you can check out the F lettered apps here. Currently FCS 2 is untested and FCS 3 has some issues but they seem to be Quicktime ones, not specifically FCS 3 issues.

Worth checking once in a while to see how things are going.

UPDATE: Apple says FCP7 will work with Lion here. No word on FCP 6 from them however.

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Tigger said...

Ok, got my new mac mini in with 10.7 and installed final cut studio 2, the one with fcp6 without issue. Here is how.

1: It requires you have a snow leopard disc. I had a retail copy, not sure if it will work with an OEM copy. Last I checked BestBuy still had some copies. For $29 it is good insurance.

2: Insert the disc and go to the install option packages. Run the installer and choose Rosetta. When it finishes, it will give you a message that it was designed for an older version of OS X and you may want to update. Just click finish.

3: Install final cut studio 2.

4: Enjoy.

I have tested with motion and fcp so far without issue. Mileage may vary. Give me any feedback you may have.