Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Installing FCPX and Final Cut Studio Side by Side

Apple has posted a rather interesting support document about how best to install FCPX along with Final Cut Studio.

It's here, and well worth a read if you plan on installing FCPX while having FCS also installed.

They recommend you re-partition your boot disk but if you don't, make sure to launch Motion 4 first. Sound messy? I thought so too. It's very un-Appley in my opinion.


Zak Ray said...

What about installing just Color, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack alongside the FCPX suite, I wonder? Would it matter that we didn't have Motion 4?

Walker Ferox said...

Good question.

It's really weird that Apple is making us jump through hoops to install the latest and greatest AND keep legacy apps which we need (and they know this) for current work.

I may install things on a test machine to see what happens but that'll take some time.