Friday, April 15, 2011

Not Showing Location in Titles on iMovie for iOS

I've been playing around with iMovie on an iPad2 and noticed a little hassle. iMovie REQUIRES location services to be on in order to see footage that you've shot or transferred over from another project which is bonkers in my opinion.

It sees footage in two locations, btw:

1. Camera Roll
2. Synced iPhone Library (which you do via iTunes).

I'll post later on the steps to transcode stuff to ingest into iMovie for iOS.

Anyway, if you're in iMovie for iOS and add a title, often you'll see the location under your typed title. There's no one-button way to get rid of this.

But there is a simple workaround.

1. Double-tap a clip that has a text element with location text you want to remove.
2. Tap "Location"
3. Tap the Location listed.
4. Delete the location shown there and tap Done.
5. Click outside what is now called the "Edit Title" pop up window to dismiss it.


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