Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Googling Final Cut Pro 7

So I'm looking up something about FCP7 in Google and Google decides to try and help me. Just thought I'd mention this not just because it's hilarious but because it's pretty sad.


Gavin said...

I bought Final Cut Studio, and I'm also a professional software developer so that's MY money the pirates aren't paying, but...

I've also got a lot of sympathy for budding filmmakers with NO CASH where they just want to get some experience with professional tools. I wish there was a "vimeo version" of Final Cut that was free for noncommercial use.

Pro users often *want* to spend money on software and support, because a thousand bucks is cheap compared to a lost day of post.

Jonathan Hughes said...

Final Cut Express is less than $150. Since 99% of what you learn in FCE translates to FCP, that's a great way to get some experience with professional tools. I know not all software has an "Express" version, but in the case of Final Cut, I find it very hard to be sympathetic to anyone who steals/cracks/torrents it when Final Cut Express is cheap, would most likely serve all their needs, and gives them a ton of skills to allow them to potentially get a job using FCP.