Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Burning Client DVDs

Here's a small tip that has saved me from some post-project frustration: When the client asks for a DVD of a project...hand them two. Or three. The more the better because the more you hand them the better your odds of not getting a call a 7am asking for "one more copy" because they've already lost the one you handed them 18 hours earlier and their presentation is going to start in 30mins. Oh, and if you can, hand them to at least two different people. If you spread the irresponsibility around there are more of them to blame than you.

Wanna further increase the odds in your favor? Hand them a data-DVD with the project in some format they can handle or transcode. Heck, put differently encoded versions on there.

If you have the means toss the video online for them and email them a link to download it. Or barring that, toss it up on Vimeo and allow downloads.

A bonus tip, find media you like and is reliable for you. I like Maxell and Memorex but run your own tests and remember: "a least one client won't be able to play anything."

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