Friday, January 8, 2010

Loose FW800 Cables has a interesting observation on clear-jacketed FW800 cables:

FYI on Loose Port fit with some FW800 cables (seen w/several clear-sleeved cable samples) - Twice in the last few days I've seen problems with some FW800 devices mounting. In all cases it was due to a loose/sloppy fit of the cable's FW800 connector in the Mac's FW800 port and with some (even slight) tension on the cable connection end. (Seen with FW800 ports on a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro.)

Each time the sloppy fit was with a clear jacketed (showing shield braid) FW800 cable. (Clear sleeved cables with black FW800 connector tips.) These cables all came with different products, bought at different times but I suspect they may be from the same OEM cable mfr.

In fact after seeing this twice in the last few days, I went back and checked a similar made (clear sleeve) cable I've had for a couple years but rarely used - a FW800 to FW400 cable.

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