Friday, December 4, 2009

Just Two Scopes

FCP (6.0.6) doesn't provide a way to view just the two most important scopes Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope. So here's a way to just have those open that's simple but may be so simple it's overlooked.

In FCP hit Option + 9 to open up the scopes ("Tool Bench") then hit Option + 9 again to open another identical window as a tab in the first.

Set that tab to Waveform Monitor and drag it out of that window and put it where it works for you. Change the underlying window to Vectorscope and put it near the Waveform Monitor. This way you have the two most useful scopes onscreen simultaneously without scopes you don't need or which may eat up some CPU during playback.

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Phillip Gibb said...

good to see to see tips for FCP 6, since FCP7 seems to be flooding the FCP blogsphere