Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sanyo H.264 Green MP4 Fix

Sanyo H.264 Fixer automatically "swaps" the H.264 component from the old (7.3) QT with the new one. Nothing is changed, except it can now play videos from the SANYO XACTI HD camcorders. This is a fix for the "green MP4 of death". NOTE: If your video is choppy, it means your computer is not fast enough.

Thought this was interesting although I've never run into this problem but here's a FREE app to help out.


Jon said...

I have to question what swapping out QuickTime components would do to overall system stability. It might fix the Sanyo bug but introduce other problems.

Walker Ferox said...

Probably, but I guess if you need the fix it's worth the risk. And there's always Time Machine.