Wednesday, May 14, 2008

.zips turning into .cpgz files!

A client today decided it would be best to send me a 400+ MB file via split up into 5 pieces. Downloading them is not a problem but I did end up with five files named something like,, etc...

Of course I have all of Safari's auto uncompress, trash and mount stuff off in it's prefs so I double click one of the files and BOMArchiver launches as it should and tries to unzip the things. No go. I end up with .cpgz files, errors about not having permission to write into a folder...and when you double click them they magically turn back into .zip files. Yay.

Here's the trick: download Split&Concat which was last updated -as of this post- on April 2nd 2006, and drag the first original to it and be amazed as Split&Concat will join them into one sane .zip file.

If you're not sure what the .001 file is or there's some other problem here's a tip: Launch the terminal (really, it'll be okay) and type "file" then hit the spacebar. Now, drag the first .001 file into it and you should see something like "Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract", ok, cool. Now, do the same for the .002 file and you should see something like "data". Get it? The 001 file is the zip "master", let's call it, and the subsequent files are the slave data files.

Luckily I bill by the hour on this project...

If you happen to run into a lone .zip file that when double clicked turns into a .cpgz file then it's likely a .rar file in disguise. If you toss it into the Terminal as described above and see something like:

RAR archive data, v1d, os: Win32

Try un-raring it with something like The Unarchiver.


Moon and Sparrow Sandy said...

Thank you! You rock. Lord, that is confusing.



Unknown said...

I seem to be having the same problem with zips turning into CPGZs, but instead of combining them all into one file, I just want to unzip them and get the files inside. Any idea how I might do that?