Wednesday, March 5, 2008


FrameByFrame is a simple, free stop-motion application. It's pretty basic but what it does it does well. Don't expect any high-end features but if you're looking for a bare-bones stop-motion app this isn't a bad one to start with. For a more feature-rich stop-motion tool I'd recommend iStopMotion which is about $50 I think.

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Unknown said...

I have worked with iStopmotion and I would recommend Dragon Stop Motion more as you are able to use DSLR's with it unlike with iStopMotion. As long as you have either a Nikon or a Canon, you will be able to use this very cool SW. As a pro animator, I like the simple use Dragon offers but also the power of using high rez digital stills that are offered from a DSLR. 2 cents :)