Monday, October 1, 2007

Custom Text Templates

Here's a fairly simple way to make a custom text template if you need to use the same text formatting or cards or whatever across multiple projects.

01) In your current project or in a new one, make a new Sequence by highlighting the Browser by either clicking on it or tapping Command + 4. Name it something that will help you like Text Template or whatever.
02) Open that new sequence and build your text card the way you want it. Save the project (you have to).
03) In the Browser 2nd click on the text template's sequence and select Export > XML... and give it a name and save it to someplace you'll remember.
04) Now, in some later project when you need your template 2nd click in the Browser and choose Import > XML... (or in the menubar choose File > Import > XML...) and let FCP do it's thing.
(yeah, I know there's no default key command for Importing an XML file...)
05) You'll see a new sequence appear in your browser named Text Template or whatever you named it when you created it.
06) Treat it as a normal clipping even though it's a sequence (actually, it's a nest). Drag it to your timeline and you have your template already built and ready to be modified.
07) To modify it, double click it in the Timeline and edit away. It'll even retain any keyframing you've done ;)

Note: The XML file doesn't contain any actual media, (it's a text file) so anything that your template links to should be available for it when you use it, meaning images or special fonts, etc...

And if you're anything like me, right about now you're going, "Hey...that could be used for..."


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