Monday, May 14, 2012

Removing GoPro Cineform Studio's Menubar CodecStatus


In the latest version of GoPro Studio (v2.5.7 as of this updated post) on OS X 10.11.3, the method easier, yet a bit hidden.

1. Launch GoPro Studio
2. Hit COMMAND + COMMA to open it's Prefs (or go to the menu bar and select GoPro Studio . Preferences...)
4. The annoying menubar icon should be gone.

Sneaky, eh?

The old post below...

If you have a GoPro camera you've likely installed GoPro Cineform Studio. However it also installed a menubar item that deals with codecs and whatnot. If you've never asked for it to be there and don't use it it can be hard to get rid of it as it shows up every time you boot up. I'm not even sure what it's officially called but at the bottom of the menu it reads Check Codecs or something.

If you look at Activity Monitor you'll notice a process running called "StereoModeStatus" which is located in /Applications/GoPro/Tools/ (technically it's inside the package here /Contents/MacOS/StereoModeStatus).

Now I don't like things being installed without my asking and I really dislike not having a way to uninstall specific things or at least permanently turning them off. You can select to quit the menubar item but it'll come back upon a reboot.

Also note that it's standard operating procedure to be able to hold down Command and then drag a menubar item around and OUT of the menubar. This thing doesn't let you Command + Drag it out of the menubar. Evil.

Here's what I did to get rid of the CodecCheck menubar thing.

Before this however, you can head to System Settings and look for "Cineform" pane and under the Process tab at the bottom you'll see "Show Stereo Status Menu". Now while this will hide the menu, it doesn't seem to always prevent the process from running. If you're like me and want the process to never run, continue reading:

1. Launch Activity Monitor (Hit Command + Shift + U to open up your utility folder and then hit A to highlight it then Command + O to launch it).

2. Look for "StereoModeStatus". Highlight it.

3. At the top of Activity Monitor's window hit Quit Process. Notice the menubar item vanishes. Yay!

4. Close Activity Monitor.

5. Navigate to your Application folder. (Hit Command + A to open it) Drill down to GoPro folder then inside there open up the Tools folder.

6. Right click on StereoModeStatus and select "Compress "StereoModeStatus".

7. After a second you'll see a new file called "". This is your backup copy in case you ever need this thing again. Once you've confirmed this .zip file is there right click on "StereoModeStatus" (the original, not the .zip) and select Move To Trash.

It may ask you for your admin password to put it in the trash; further evidence of it's evil nature.

8. Empty your trash (Shift + Option + Command + Delete) and you're done.


Rick Boykin said...

I opted to remove it this way:

Macintosh HD/Library/LaunchAgents/ Then delete/remove the file "com.cineform.stereomodestatus.plist"

Alternatively, you could open the file in the PLIST Editor in the Dev Tools and just uncheck the "RunAtLoad" field.

The file may also be called: "com.gopro.stereomodestatus.plist" depending on what you installed.

Walker Ferox said...

Excellent method.

I like how clean it is. I'd keep a backup of the file someplace just in case but that's probably me being overly cautious.

Tibo said...

There is a cleaner way to remove the menu icon!

Go to your System Preferences, and at the bottom there's an icon called Cineform. At the bottom of the first tab, uncheck the box "Show Stereo Status Menu"

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post. That program is really annoying.

keats said...

hahaha nice one Tibo :)
though not bruce warns that this is only a diversion to make you think it is not running when in fact it goes covert.
better delete the file like everyone else ;P

Ben Neufeld said...

Thanks, appreciate it. Hate stuff running when I don't tell it to. On the flip side, if I tell it to jump, it better.

Andrew Gant said...

Thank you for the hilarious comments on how evil this program is. I hate it to death. I skipped the step where you opted to save it by compressing. Hope that is okay with you

WJ said...

Thanks a lot. Very useful an quick!

Warren said...

Thank you!

Malaria Vida said...

So happy to have this removed. Thanks! I've been scowling at this icon for months! So happy to have it gone!

lisdavid89 said...

I would remove the .plist file from the LaunchAgent because every time you start up, launchd will be trying to search for the app. Same thing with the System Preferences prefpane. It's not something you'll notice but your console may get flooded with errors about it. This app is just a real pain.

Or if you don't want to delete anything (to be absolutely safe) just edit the LaunchAgent .plist file so that the RunAtLoad is false.

Unknown said...

I didn't see the file in Launch Agents but did find it in Launch Daemons and edited it to show the string as "false". I'm running Mavericks so that may be why it is a little different.

Unknown said...

you are brilliant. than you for posting this.

Mike said...

Not to be a necromancer or anything (I know this is ancient by internet standards) but I couldn't find the file mentioned above ("com.cineform.stereomodestatus.plist") to edit it and say "No" to "RunAtLoad". They must have moved it, so I searched in Finder and found it within the GoPro app. Just use Finder and use Go>Go to Folder and paste "/Applications/GoPro/Tools" (no quotes) into the field. You'll see it, but you won't be able to save/edit it. I had to right click the file and choose "Get info", then change the file permissions (at the bottom) to allow everyone to "Read & Write", then I could fix it. Just to be safe I switched it back to "Read only" afterwards. Seems to have worked. I'm using a Hero3+ Silver on a Macbook Air with Mavericks (10.9.5) if that matters.

Rasmus said...

Any idea how to remove the menu bar in the latest gopro studio for mac? it's none of the places mentioned in this post..

Unknown said...

thanks for the tips. of the 4 years that i've had this computer, i used this thing one single day because i helped my friend on his feature, which employed stereo go pro recording. imagine that for the remaining 1000+ days, i've put up with seeing this symbol, not even knowing what it was. it thought it was maybe RED or something else. great relief to have it gone. i just removed the whole thing.

thanks again.