Monday, July 27, 2009

Fixing Corrupted Quicktime Files

Eventually everyone has a Quicktime file go bad that they REALLY need. Most of the time, the data is there, it's just improperly indexed or lacking an index. Here are some options:

01) Dumpster. It's an app that allows you to look at the file in a nice graphical (albeit old-school) way. With it you can view and edit .moov resources.

02) You can try this method using Java. Complex but has worked for some.

03) Atom Viewer. The old saying rings true here, if you don't know what an atom is in the sense of data/files, you probably won't gain anything from this. Plus, it's Windows only.

04) HexEdit. If you spend some time with this and know what you're doing this can save your caboose. (It's like ResEdit...sigh)

05) QT Repair Tool. Don't get your hopes up for this one. It essentially updates a file's clut to work with newer versions of QT.

06) A classic fix if you've lost a file, don't reboot, and look in /private/var/folders/ for a .mov

07) Treasured. They have an app that will analyze your file and if possible, repair it. If it can't it tries to let you know if it can repair it at which point you send it to them or a portion of it and they fix it or send you an app that will. You pay them for their service.

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