Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Renaming Clips

FCP 6 has a feature you may find handy from time to time.

From within FCP if you 2nd click on an item in the Browser you'll see in the contextual menu that pops up the option to Rename the clip. You'll see two options:

Clip to Match File - which renames the clip based on what the media is named in the Finder.
File to Match Clip - which renames the media in the Finder based on what you've named it in the Browser.

Why would you want to rename a clip this way? I can think of a couple of reasons:

1. You've been handed a project that's needs work and isn't very organized. Maybe there are a dozen "untitled" clips or pictures that are named like "DCN_0934.JPG" and you want to get things organized. For a project I had about 12 out of 100+ images needed work that could be done in a batch to I renamed them with my "needs work" appendix and in the finder I could grab all of them en masse and batch repair them since they were spread out among hundreds of other images.

2. You've organized your footage and media in the Browser to your liking and since you may hand the project off to someone else you think they could take advantage of having things named in a sensible manner.

3. You're archiving your project and want it to be organized in case you need to come back to it later or know you will for possible updates and need to know what file is what.

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