Friday, December 17, 2010

The Hidden "H" 50% Key

Here's one I'll bet few people know.

Place your cursor over either the Viewer or the Canvas then hold down the H key.

You should see the Viewer or Canvas pop out at 50% size no matter what it was originally set to. Why? I dunno, it's probably some function or preference or something I've missed all these years. But it's pretty cool nonetheless and could be handy since 50% gives a clearer representation of your footage than odd numbered percentages, although 50% won't reveal interlacing as 100% does. Man I'm up late.

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JV said...

This is actually an awesome thing to know. It is a HUGE help with animation within FC, since at 50% you can see the wireframes that are out of the picture, or when you want to scale up or rotate with wireframes, which it is hard to do at 100% because they are right at the corner. THANKS for this!