Friday, March 5, 2010

Strange Approximation Symbol in the Timeline

This screenshot was sent to me via email a little while ago:

The emailer is trying to find out what it is and what it means. I don't recall seeing this before in the Timeline. It looks like a formal Approximation symbol ≈ (option+x) to the left of the thumbnail and has actually moved the thumbnail to the right. Has anyone seen this before or know the cause?

UPDATE: Solved! It's a "mixed-sync indicator" and explained (with screenshots) in the FCP manual:

Moving a single pair of items out of sync results in a single out-of-sync duration, with out-of-sync indicators with positive and negative durations in both the video and audio items.

If you then move a second pair of audio items out of sync by a different amount, each audio item that is out of sync from the anchor item has an out-of-sync indicator noting its individual offset from the anchor item—in this example, the video item. The anchor item displays a mixed-sync indicator with no duration. This tells you that multiple linked items are out of sync by varying amounts.

Thanks to everyone who offered help in the comments!


Ron Sussman said...

odd. I have never seen that icon in three years of constant FCP work

editblog said...

Man ... I've never seen that either. Strange. I posted about it over at the Editblog to see if anyone can figure it out over there:

Street Gardener said...

Was there a fade or cross dissolve on it previously?

Wild guess but:
In what context did this appear? It could be to do with something trying to reference a file but not finding it. IE: there was a fade there but the files for the fade in the drive have gone missing gone missing?

Unknown said...

The icon is a "mixed sync indicator". Check out the FCP pdf manual: Rough Editing/Out of Sync section. page 224

Anonymous said...

I concur - it's a sync indicator, warning that there are multiple or mixed sync warnings. If you weren't expecting any sync warnings, then it could be that the clip has been mistakenly linked to another clip.

The manual covers it here:


Harold Green said...

Ah yeah, I see it now too…comes up on p. 592 of my PDF though.

Walker Ferox said...

You guys rock. I've never seen this before but good to know.

I'll update the post. Thanks again!