Monday, November 9, 2009

Lock & Load Stabilizer

A new stabilizer called "Lock & Load" was updated to 1.0.4 today. It purports to be the world's fastest and more intelligent than SmoothCam, the free stabilizer that comes with FCP, but Lock & Load is $149.00. There's a video of it in action and a free 15 day trial (with water mark) here.

I haven't tried it yet. If I do I'll report back here. It may be fun to run a comparison of the two on the same footage.


harringg said...

I've used Lock and Load on some hand-held camera footage of an LED outdoor sign shot from a parked car. I own iStabilize and FCP 7 so ran it through SmoothCam as well as iStabilize.

Lock and Load was hands-down the winner for both ease of use and final quality. The final footage in L&L looked like it was shot on a tripod, while the other two were somewhat better than the original footage, both were still were shaky.

The price point is a bit steep for casual use, but if you have a lot of shaky footage, the time saved in processing the footage along with the resulting quality is well worth it.

Walker Ferox said...

Thanks for the info! I'll give it a try. I'm curious as to how much it pushes in on the footage to hide the edges and whatnot.