Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FCP's Scroll Box Bug

Here's a quickie:

When you scroll while audio is playing in the Viewer with Apple's (now EOL'd) Mighty Mouse the display in the Viewer will be clean. However, if you scroll with the Viewer's Scroll Box slider you'll usually see artifacts like those above. I'm not sure what causes the redraw issue. Maybe some combo of hardware.


Yi Ran said...

Hi, I am glad to find your blog here. I think you are quit experienced in post-production? I am a beginning level FCP learner, and currently I met a problem in Multi-cam editing in FCP 6. Would you like to help me out? If yes, I will write a detailed description of the problem I have.

Jon said...

My favorite scrolling bug is the one where you add just enough items to reach the bottom of the browser window but not enough to make a scroll bar appear. If you then scroll down, you get interface artifacts.

This bug has been in FCP since at least version 5.