Monday, August 3, 2009

FCS Remover gets another update

For some reason FCS Remover has received another update bringing it to version 2.5.2. There's nothing major listed in the changelog that's new as far as I can tell however a release this soon after a prior one usually indicates something significant was wrong with the earlier version.

What's new in this version (2.5.2)

Bug fix: General bug fixes
Feature: Support for Final Cut Studio (2009)
Enhancement: Improved speed and responsiveness


Jon said...

A small number of users were experiencing crashes. It turns out that some of their plist files were corrupt. This issue is not exclusive to the new version and would have crashed versions 2.0 and above. These users were firmly in the minority.

So this patch would have been released anyway, even if version 2.5 had not just come out, so I think you are perhaps reading too much into it.

Walker Ferox said...

I think a crashing bug qualifies as significant.