Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boosting Audio Levels

If you've received an audio file like a Voice Over that's just too low to really use and cranking it up to max level in the timeline (Control + ] (right bracket)) doesn't do it, and even doubling up the audio in the timeline doesn't bring the volume up enough you can use a plug-in.

Head over to Audio Filter > Apple > AUMultibandCompressor. At the top you'll see post-gain, ratchet that up in very small increments and check your audio level. Keep an eye on your peak meters and you should be able to get some usable volume out of what was previously an unusable audio clip.

Be careful though, this plug-in can REALLY make audio loud so bring up the level slowly.

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Unknown said...

You can also choose, Modify | Audio | Apply Normalization Gain and choose what level you want the hottest part of the audio to be.