Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looping Video Playback in the Timeline

Someone emailed me the other day asking how to loop video playback in FCP's timeline. After thinking about it for a little bit (and way over-thinking how to do it) it hit me and it's simple.

Set your In and Out points in the timeline. Don't bother with Option + A to select the portion of your sequence within the In and Out points. Tap Control + L to turn on Loop Playback, then hit Shift + \ (backslash) to just play the portion of the sequence between the In and Out points.

(Thanks to Josh for bringing this up!)


JL said...

Thanks again Walker!!

Great work on the blog. Keep it up.


Sorry if this request has been done before, but could you post up a list of your favourite FCP shortcuts? I've found some on the net but they're either too many or too few... Thanks