Friday, May 9, 2008

Mp3 & Cue files

Lately, for some unfathomable reason, a client has decided to send me the background music for a project as single huge mp3 files replete with a cue file that they made. Great. Trying to find a way to split up an mp3 file with it's corresponding .cue file on a Mac is nigh impossible.

I tried an app called cue-splitter which is simple and clean. The only problems are that it's old, the last update was 12/28/2005 and it's buggy. I've had it crash on a few .cue files and it seems to insert some distortion like a "blip" sound at the beginnings of some but not all, split mp3s.

So, two options popped into my head; One, toss the giant mp3's into FCP (Soundtrack would be overkill for this overall, I know, I know) and split it up manually and just use them there or Two, find another app to do it. I seriously thought about splitting them in FCP as a final solution but I'm all about speed (sorta) thought it would take too long manually for so many 30 sec music clips, so I looked and asked around and found a little known app that does this and it's for Mac so, running junk in Boot Camp. It's called MP3 Trimmer and using it to split up large mp3's with .cue files is pretty simple.

1) Launch it.
2) Drag the mp3 to it.
3) Open the .cue window. (Command + E)
4) Drag the .cue file to the .cue window.
5) Hit go.

Done. Granted they're still in mp3 format but it's simple enough to convert them with QTPro or something like AudialHub. The only caveat is that you can't empty the trash of a file that's still loaded into MP3 Trimmer, you have to load in another mp3 file or quit MP3 Trimmer for that.

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