Monday, April 14, 2008

Artifacts and Fast User Switching

I've been editing on a friend's system for the past few days under a newly created account on their Mac. We've been using Fast User Switching a bit and I've noticed that if I leave FCP running on my login while my friend logs into their account, when switching back to my account sometimes, but not always, the Canvas will display heavy artifacts and skip considerably while playing something from the timeline. The footage was shot to a P2 card as DVCPro HD, 720 24p.

The odd thing is it's not consistent and I can't reproduce it every time at least so far. It may have something to do with this little-acknowledged Quicktime bug 7.4.5 but I'm not sure. Another report of this bug is here.

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Mitchell said...

I realize this is an old post, but I can reproduce the error every time by leaving FCP 6 running, fast user switch to the login screen, then log back in. The canvas seem to play a few frames over and over, stuttering. Opening up the clip in the viewer plays fine. Then, if I click in the timeline, FCP will actually crash. Every time. Haven't figured out the solution. (I'm using DSLR footage converted to Apple ProRes 422.)