Monday, September 24, 2007

Flash Drives & Freelance Editors

I'm a freelance editor which means when I am working I can never be sure if I'm going to be working on my setup or sitting in front of someone else's Mac.

So, I keep a small toolbox of apps and plug-ins that I use a lot or am very used to using on a tiny flash drive I keep with me.

On it I have a complete set of plug-ins that I use because you never know what the client will or won't have or what versions they'll be as well as several must-have apps like VisualHub, Handbrake, Mactheripper, Toast, FCPRescue and so on.

This way if they ask for some effect or look or want me to rip a bit from this disc or burn a disc with that or convert this to that I can generally do it.

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