Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crappy 8mm Film Look

Here's a fast way to make your clean footage look more like old 70's 8mm footage.

From this:

To this:

01) Follow the simple vignette tutorial here.
02) In your Effects Bin find "Channel Blur" in Video Filters > Channel and drop that onto your clip.
03) In Channel Blur's settings try starting off with Alpha, Red & Green all set to 1.
04) Set Blue to 100.

This is a good starting point but feel free to play around with the settings until you get a look you like. Don't forget that if you get things too messed up just tap the Red X button in the filter's settings panel to reset it all to the defaults.

If you have a filmlook plug-in like CGM's Aged Film LE, you can add that now to further degrade the footage ;) Or you can try multiple filters like:

Video Filters > Video > Blink
Video FIlters > Stylize > Add Noise


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