Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Install QuickTime Player 7 in Mountain Lion

I've had a few people ask me if Mountain Lion supports QuickTime Player 7. Apple says it does (your mileage may vary, however).

Here's Apple's page on how to install it.

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Thanks man. I nearly had to re-install Quicktime the other day but couldn't find the installer. What happened was I updated to Mac OS X 10.7.4 and it disabled looping in QT7. That update caused a vital file to be overwritten, thus losing looping functionality. I don't think a re-install would have fixed it though.

The solution was to find a machine with 10.7.3 on it and copy the file over. The file is called QTkit and can be found in System>Library>Frameworks>QTKit.framework>versions>A>QTKit

I'm lucky I had a spare machine hanging around, otherwise I would have had to spend half a day reverting my system. Apple have no fix for this or even admitted the problem.

Anonymous said...

hey there is another solution :-)
you can just find yourself an installer QT7 somewhere , maybe torrents or something like that or at the apple support website maybe as well ?
then open that quicktime 7 dmg with Pacifist , the demo works fine if you don't have it yet. then in pacifist find the aplication quicktime in that dmg , drag it to to desktop , en voila it is working fine :-)
good old QT7 on your OSX mountain lion working with all the benefits , like looping , color editing etc etc