Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You can apparently install Quicktime 7 on 10.7 Lion

Hardmac is reporting that it is possible to install Quicktime 7 (7.6.9) on a Lion system.

Hopefully this is true (I haven't side-graded to Lion yet and likely won't on business editing machines for some time) because Quicktime 7 is immensely useful compared to the debacle that is Quicktime X.

UPDATE: Apple just made it official.


marcus.sg said...

I literally drag copied my 10.6 Quicktime 7.app over. Works just fine. I didn't install it from Apple's Quicktime download page.

bradbell.tv said...

It's true. Quicktime 7 works fine.

Perhaps it's because I was a Mac IT person, but I upgraded FCPX and Lion on the day they were released.

Sometime around Leopard, Apple's OS delivery design switched from fresh installs to upgrades in place. That's how it's designed to work.

However, a Safe Boot - while holding the Shift key - was necessary to clear caches after upgrading to Lion. (I don't remember what wasn't working.)

Quicktime X is actually in my Dock now too because it can screen record.

But I think Snow Leopard is probably my favourite OS X.

Tip: when you download the Lion installer app, save it to a USB drive before installing, as it will remove itself when finished. A single purchase covers all your Macs.