Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Final Cut Pro 8?

The tarp has been taken back a bit from the next version of Final Cut Pro and it seems the sides are slowly bifurcating into bated anticipation vs. gloomy reluctance at the prospects of re-learning what's now 2nd nature to many FCP users.

Lines like, "One source described the new release as encompassing everything from low level architectural changes to a complete redesign of the user interface" aren't exactly comforting for some.

Key Commands should (will) be the same (mostly, 'cept for those new ones) so if you've been keeping up your transition should go a little smoother.

Combine this with ThunderBolt connectivity, powerful laptops (and more powerful towers on the way) an interesting twist with MobileMe, the rising popularity of DSLRs and 2011 will be like untrodden snow indeed.

You may want to use some of those gift cards you got for Xmas on some new FCP books. It's interesting to think about how much a major overhaul of a popular piece of software reverberates around and boosts ancillary markets like books, webinars, training videos, etc…

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Phillip Gibb said...

I am looking forward to this one - hope I don't get disappointed. Hoping that it will run on Lion and the new MBP like fire on a dry field.