Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Final Cut Pro...RealSoonNow™

TechCrunch has a short piece on the yet to be released new Final Cut Pro. They're saying Spring 2011.

Many years ago I left a grocery store and headed out to my car in the parking lot, opened the door, sat down, put the key in the ignition and found it didn't turn.

It was only after a few moments that my peripheral vision clarified, my mental focus shifted to my more immediate surroundings and I began to notice that there was stuff on the floor I didn't recognize, change in the open ashtray which I kept closed and empty, an opened soda can in the cup holder...a few beats later I realized that I had sat down in someone else's car which was the exact same exterior and interior color, same year and model as mine and as fate would have it, parked very near mine and also unlocked.

It was a really eerie feeling.

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lunelson said...

That story is at least as awesome as the next version of Final Cut Pro