Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 Hard Drives Die in 8 Days.

An earlier post about an editing place's dying hard drives never mentioned the type of HD that was dying. Turns out it was a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300GB PATA133. Model 6L300R0.

Actually, it turns out it was THREE of these drives. The first one, the one I recorded the sounds from (lets call it Drive A) died first.

Drive A was rarely accessed, but it was nearly full with only about 200MBs of room left.

Drive B died about 3 days later and was used for hourly secondary backups for a long time and had maybe 50GBs left on it.

Drive C died 4 days after that, yesterday. It's not exactly dead, but it's making horrible noises and access time is quite long. It was used constantly as a Render/Test Export drive.

So, three DiamondMax 10 PATA 300GB drives all dying within about 8 days. All on separate busses and two being on separate Macs.

All three were in external cases and all power supplies were attached to UPS's.


xbasket said...

I've had similar experiences. The UPS is very interesting b/c, after tearing apart the enclosures, I'm pretty convinced that voltage regulation inside the enclosure was done through only a single chip. I switched to the USB externals and have never had a subsequent problem. For example, a WD500 has lasted 2 years w/out flaking even when a bit warm. I don't run anything in room temps above 72 deg F.

Jon said...

This doesn't surprise me. I used to buy Maxtor drives because they were cheap. Unfortunately you get what you pay for. One lasted a year, the rest lasted a few months.