Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go To Meeting's proprietary G2M3 codec

If someone hands you a video that's a .wmv but won't play no matter what you try it's likely a G2M3 format which is Go To Meeting's proprietary codec and Mac users are essentially out of luck.

If you need just the audio that's okay, VLC and flip4mac will play the audio but the video will not work. Go To Meeting has it's own page about Mac support here but it doesn't mention much about video formats and I'm not installing anything to find out. Perian won't help either.

From what a friend told me, he thinks that there is a way for Windows users to initially record video to a codec that's not G2M3 but I have no idea really.

Here is a helpful post but it doesn't specifically address playback or transcoding on a Mac.

Basically, you'll need Windows, Windows Media Encoder and possibly a little thing called TMPGEnc.


Marten said...

Personally, I use Showdocument for online teaching and web conferencing. I'm not saying these programs aren't good,
But I think a web-based application is always better, since there's nothing to download or install.
try it at http://www.showdocument.com . -andy

Unknown said...

Its possible for a windows user. Using the codecs provided on their site for windows media player, you can rip these videos in to another format. You just have to copy the codec dll files into the correct location for your editor software.


edietsreviews said...

Can't believe that it's 2010 and Citrix still haven't got around to resolving this issue themselves. The awkwardness of the G2M3 Codec has caused a lot of headaches for me in the past. To top it off, the TMPGEnc method is quite tricky unless you're a video whiz.

The last time I had trouble, I found a fair solution on this page:


Good luck with the codec, guys.

Unknown said...

Download codec here for Windows Media 9 and above: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/codec?Portal=www.gotomeeting.com

Unknown said...

thanks for the links guyz..

Regards From audio codecs

Gale said...

@edietsreviews There is no "problem" that Citrix has with it's codec. It serves the purpose - supplying over an hour of audio and video with a MUCH smaller size than the pure WMV format allows, shrinking files by as much as 75%. It's not their fault unknowledgable folks are sending these files out into the wild. We love Citrix at our org.

toria said...

@Gale, that's all fine and well for use within an organisation where everyone's PC is setup to work with the G2M3 codec.

Today I spent hours frustrated as I was sent a link to a webinar that I really wanted to watch but counldn't because I am a Mac user. I can hear the sound, but not watch the video.

As the purpose of this codec is to provide long video and audio that is a small enough file size to be streamed over the internet, you would think the developers would consider making it work for all major platforms and maximum number of viewers.