Friday, May 22, 2009

Where was that Render Folder?

A friend called today and asked me something I've never thought about before regarding FCP.

"How do I find out where the last Render Folder was for this project?"


"Because I have 4 hard drives hooked up and I changed the scratch disk for another project and FCP is asking which one I want to use now because that one's gone."

"Did you search for the project's name on your Mac? It'll be named that. Sort by Kind and look for folders. One will be inside a folder named Render Folder."

"There's no other way?"

"I guess you could look inside the FCP save file and search for the words "Render Folder"."

"How do I do that?"

"Drag the save file to TextEdit, it's basically a text file, then hit Command F and type in "Render Folder" and then hit Command G to skip through all the results. Look for what hard drive it's on."

"Ah. K cool. Thanks."


1 comment:

Misha Mazor said...

I think you mean "Render Files" not "Render Folder"