Thursday, March 5, 2009

Final Cut Assistant - YAFCT

Final Cut Assistant is YAFCT (Yet Another Final Cut Tool) that will trash your prefs, user settings, etc... but does one interesting thing that I haven't seen other apps do: Deactivate Final Cut Studio. Now, I haven't tried this app but it likely just deletes a certain file that contains the registration number for FCS which is an interesting function to offer.

From their site:

Deactivate Final Cut Studio
If you want to install Final Cut Studio on a different computer, you should first deactivate it on your computer to avoid serial number conflicts.

Use the Deactivate Final Cut Studio command to remove the licensing information without uninstalling Final Cut Studio.

It's similar to FCPRescue from the BeforeTime™ and free so maybe it's worth having around although it does nothing that can't be done manually in the Finder. There is a screenshot here, which shows Final Cut Assistant being a menubar item which is a nice idea.

Maybe one day Apple will just include some of these basic functions from within FCP itself, just like iCal has a Backup and Restore option under it's File menu.


Anonymous said...

FYI: The newest release has a beta function for audio conversion/import -- it beats the hell out of doing in iTunes.

I personally like the way they integrated it. It's like it could be part of Final Cut Pro.

Walker Ferox said...

If you're saying Final Cut Assistant does audio conversion a'la AudialHub or Quicktime then that's extremely handy.

I've gotten into the habit of just using Quicktime or AudialHub (and it's forthcoming open-sourced rebirth) rather than doing it in iTunes because the iTunes interface is such a mess.

Walker Ferox said...

Btw, I forgot to link to how I do it in QuickTime.

Anonymous said...

All I can say, is I love what they are doing with this. I can choose unprotected mp3/m4a audio, it converts it to AIFF and then asks me if I want to import as XML into my Final Cut Project.

It's so cool in fact I just donated $50.