Thursday, May 22, 2008


While it's not Final Cut Server, AntZero's AtomicView is in many ways similar. Final Cut Server is overkill for many small companies but some of it's core features are invaluable. AtomicView basically does one thing that everyone needs: seek out and pull together all your media into a nice manageable interface. It doesn't monkey with any of the media, just creates a central place to oogle at it all. This is how they explain it:

AtomicView is a digital asset manager (DAM) software program available in versions for Mac and Windows. It can handle a multitude of formats and this permits unlimited organization of your photos, images, videos and sounds.

But I think this paragraph is funnier:

Our program is extremely rapid and reactive because its motor incorporates technology derived from video games and it uses advantageously the multiple processors available in the new generations of computer. Thus, for example, zooming in your files, changing the arrangement of the interface, can be done with an ease rarely attained in a utility program.
AtomicView shows its full speed potential from the moment of importation and allows the user to continue working while importing without blocking or slowing down.

You can check out some video demos at their site as well and see how it's rapid modularity environment interfaces with your upstream workflow paradigm or something. It's slick -even though I haven't personally tried it- and looks promising. At least it's not iView, right? Apparently AtomicView is about $188 USA.

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