Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Jolt is a bit of shareware that solves a common problem:

If you’ve ever wanted your display to stay on full power for just a few minutes, Jolt is for you. Simply click the Jolt icon and your system will stay on for a few minutes. After the time you’ve specified is over your mac returns to normal operation so that your battery doesn’t drain and you don’t have to fiddle with energy settings. Easily watch YouTube videos without moving your mouse every minute, deliver presentations without a blank screen showing up, or take your time reading a page without having to touch your mac.

What it may be good for is switching off Energy Saver for quick renders and edits when you're on the go. Plus, half of the shareware fee goes to charities listed on the Jolt site.


Wubert said...

Just a quick note to say thanks for the info. I've just started to really play with FCP, so your site is very much appreciated.

Walker Ferox said...

I get really busy but I try to update when I can.